Offering digital document solutions including:

Are they right for your organization? Just ask yourself a few questions...

  1. Will this deliver a defined ROI? 
    Printer Solutions can save up to 30% on printing services. 
  2. Does downtime cost you?
    Everyone suffers when your IT department is frequently fixing hardware while employees are unable to print or handle their documents. Printer Solutions offers proactive network-based tools to monitor all devices, and help avoid unnecessary downtime.
  3. Are you benefiting from your current investments?
    Most companies have an arsenal of copiers, printers and other hardware that is not delivering what you need.
  4. Do you support sustainable business practices?
    Managed print services help by reducing paper consumption, decreasing power usage and eliminate landfill waste.



Our Process - Customized Just for You...

Printer Solutions understands that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to print management. We tailor services to your business needs today, with the flexibility to adjust for your needs tomorrow. We start by assessing your current print environment to establish a baseline and then provide clear recommendations for achieving cost savings of up to 30% - and sometimes more.

By optimizing your distributed print environment we can improve performance and dramatically reduce your need for support by:

  • Consolidating and updating existing equipment.
  • Retiring printers that are high energy equipment.
  • Relocating printers within office to maximize efficiency and minimize cost per page.

Real-time Data Powered by FmAudit

Printer Solutions can monitor your environment through FmAudit which provides real time data on your printer fleet to prevent down time and loss of productivity.

  • Percentage of remaining toner
  • Service needs - freeing up your IT department
  • Number of pages printed today, weekly, monthly, year to date and since inception of device
  • Extensive reports
  • Supplies replaced based on consumption (no need to store them)




That printing expenses equal $800 per employee each year. Gain control and reduce costs by up to 30%.

A partnership with Printer Solutions can lead to a significant reduction in your costs and deliver increased capacity, release valuable office space and resources, and allow your employees to focus on core business activity while we manage your printer services.

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