Ink and Toner Printer Cartridges:

Printer Solutions provides high-quality, professionally remanufactured printer cartridges for up to 65% less than OEM retailers. Customers can purchase cartridges without waiting, will save up to 50% on regular purchases, and can return used cartridges for recycling.

  • Same day availability for your toner & ink cartridges including HP, Lexmark, Dell, Canon, Brother, Xerox and many more.
  • Local in-store support for customer assistance
  • Personal delivery / shipping is available
  • Great Selection including OEM, remanufactured & compatible toner and ink cartridges
  • NEW print quality with our remanufactured & compatible cartridges
  • Stringent QUALITY ASSURANCE perfected by Printer Solution's science
    of remanufacturing cartridges
  • Multiple sources to supply ALL your toner & ink needs
  • OUTSTANDING customer service



1. Better Value

At Printer Solutions we ensure excellent quality with great service, expansive selection and competitive pricing. We have perfected the science of remanufacturing laser and inkjet cartridges that print flawlessly.


2. Better Quality:

The quality of your printouts says a lot about the quality of your business. At Printer Solutions we are quality fanatics. That’s why we developed a remanufacturing process that ensures every cartridge prints perfectly.


3. Better for the Environment:

Go GREEN and help protect the environment and conserve precious natural resources by bringing in your empty cartridges.



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