About Us:


Printer Solutions by Caboodle customers typically are able to save up to 50% on their ink and toner cartridges and up to 40% by investing in a managed print solution that can track and monitor printing, copying and drive further soft cost savings not included in the 40% estimate.

As a locally owned, operated and managed business, Printer Solutions by Caboodle prides itself on providing the best in customer satisfaction.  Each client will receive timely communication and response from one of our trained staff members.

Printer Solutions by Caboodle opened in Louisville, Kentucky under the name Caboodle Cartridge and Postal Connections in the fall of 2006.  Since that time, the company has expanded from providing basic ink and toner cartridges and pack and ship services to a full-service printing specialist.

Printer Solutions by Caboodle is able to handle all printing aspects for business and personal use including but not limited to:



Meet the Team

Greg Dorris serves as the president of Printer Solutions by Caboodle. With over twenty years as a healthcare finance executive, Greg knows firsthand the importance of saving dollars and managing costs. He meets daily with business leaders helping them redesign their printing needs to best meet their needs and their budget. He specializes in consulting with businesses to be their document output specialist.







Printer Solutions takes an active roll in recycling cartridges in order to keep them out of the landfills.

Discarding empty cartridges rather than recycling them is a real problem since 375 million gallons of oil are consumed every year to produce new printer cartridges, and each laser (toner) cartridge requires over three quarts of oil to make!!

Help to protect the environment and conserve precious natural resources by bringing in your empty cartridges.




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